Egypt’s Long, Bloody Fight Against The Islamic State in Sinai is Going Somewhere

This post is intended as a reply or rebuttal to a Washington Post article by Sudarsan Raghavan. Let me start off by saying I'm not too surprised by the content, it does not mark a departure from what has come before in regards to the Sinai and Egyptian Counter Terror efforts. This is not a… Continue reading Egypt’s Long, Bloody Fight Against The Islamic State in Sinai is Going Somewhere


Egyptian Special Operations Forces: A Thunderbolt Introduction

There are many misconceptions regarding Egyptian special operations forces. The most common one wrongly defines them as Special Forces. Part of why there are misconceptions is the somewhat confusing terminology and designations, in addition to¬† general miscommunication by the Armed Forces. This post aims to be somewhat of a corrective and is part of a… Continue reading Egyptian Special Operations Forces: A Thunderbolt Introduction

Egyptian Air Force: Repeating Past Mistakes

Since the Peace Accords with Israel the Egyptian Air Force has gone through several changes. What was predominantly a Soviet equipped Air Force suddenly had to realign its procurement policies away from the Soviet Union and towards the West. However it also had to keep several Soviet types such as the MiG - 21 in… Continue reading Egyptian Air Force: Repeating Past Mistakes


Egyptian Defence Review: The Beginning

I've always wanted to write extensively about the Egyptian Armed Forces and Egyptian Security in general. For one there isn't that much balanced content out there...