Egyptian Defence Review: The Beginning

I’ve always wanted to write extensively about the Egyptian Armed Forces and Egyptian Security in general. For one there isn’t that much balanced content out there. Every piece on the subject either Egyptian or Western falls into either a very politicised reading of events or unabated brown-nosing. Both fail to accurately analyse developments or make somewhat realistic expectations for the future.

To make it abundantly clear I  have no political or ideological affiliations and that I will try my hardest to produce content that is objective and willing to criticise or praise decisions regardless of who made them.

Now here comes the disclaimer. I am not part of the internal workings of the Egyptian establishment or have any real heavyweight connections. I mostly rely on open source information and personal experience to write and analyse anything and everything I see whether it is wrong, right, or somewhere in the middle. Which means that some pieces may be inaccurate or plain wrong because I’m not in the full possession of the facts.

I realise that a large part of the audience for this sort of writing is Arabic speaking and writing so I will attempt to keep things simple and not stray too far with technical jargon in an attempt to explain things to people who may be new to these sorts of topics.

However, there will be quite a few juicy topics for those who know a thing or two to sink their teeth into. The choice to write in English was to reach the largest audience possible and to start discussion or to share ideas outside of the Egyptian web bubble.

In terms of how regular pieces are I feel that one or two articles a week may suffice unless there are new and urgent developments that interest me. Obviously I’m just a single dude so it may be an uphill task so if anyone does ever actually read this please be patient.

So, lets get started…


1 thought on “Egyptian Defence Review: The Beginning”

  1. Hey, thanks for all the effort and work you did here. I’ve just read all of your articles (since i’m doing a research on the EAF) and just to let you know, all the information i’ve gathered on the ground as well as in open-source materials pretty much matches all you had written in the entries. It’s nice to finally read something that tries to reflect actual state of the affairs instead of continuous flow of propaganda crap. Keep up the good work, I’m waiting for more. Ta7ya Masr! 🙂


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